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On-Demand ESG Services (10-hour block)

On-Demand ESG Services (10-hour block)


Given the evolving and dynamic ESG landscape, we understand that companies may need flexible support for ad hoc tasks, research projects, and as-needed expertise. This type of collaborative, creative, and fast-paced development is aligned with ADEC’s structure of subject matter experts, data management, and software departments.


We provide this type of support under “on-demand” ESG services in 10-hour blocks at an average rate of $190/hour that will cover all staff. Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind of being able to contact our experts at any time and make the specific requests for the assistance that you need.

    • ADEC ESG Solutions has offices on almost every continent. With decades of experience helping global companies enhance their ESG programs and meet their sustainability goals and more than 10 years of CDP experience, our team helped over 90% of clients achieve a Management score or higher in 2021.


      Need help choosing the service that's right for you? Click here to schedule a call with one of our experts. We’ll talk you through ways you can improve your overall ESG program and help you decide which of our services best fit your goals.

    • This time is very flexible and can cover a wide variety of support services, for example:

      • Additional CDP Support: For example, crafting responses for questions, quality check of GHG calculations, additional reviews, etc.
      • ESG/Sustainability Reporting: Support for other reporting, e.g., EcoVadis, ISS, MSCI, SASB, TCFD, GRI, Sustainalytics, etc.
      • Scenario Planning: Developing risk assessments pursuant to TCFD requirements and approved climate scenarios.
      • Materiality Analysis: Stakeholder engagement and ESG framework analysis to identify the most critical aspects of ESG for you and understand your alignment with established ESG frameworks.
      • Benchmarking: Benchmark your ESG Program including reporting, targets, policies, and actions against other companies in your industry.
      • Stakeholder Messaging: Developing messaging for stakeholders on your ESG Program.
      • ESG Strategy Support and Workshops: Working with your executive team and Point of Contact to strategize, develop, and prioritize ESG policies, programs, and actions.
      • Data Management: Database and data management services for ESG metrics, GHG inventories, and KPIs.
      • Supply Chain Engagement/Management: Training and policy development for procurement practices along with management of supply chain ESG performance and compliance using software and technology.
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